If I’m still here.

A couple of days ago this was on my feed: Hanging with High School Hank from the vlogbrothers. Who? John and Hank Green, if these names ring a bell. VidCon? Nerdfighteria? The fault in our stars? OK I’ve not read the book or watched the film, but you would probably recognize the last mention. Check out their original channel, or watch vids from their CrashCourse channel and you’ll probably learn more things than can be taught in business school pffft! (OK no hating this time around, considering how grim the previous post was.)

On a lighter note, I thought I should make a list of “Things to achieve in Year X”. I know I’m not in high school any more (sigh) but hey! I’m still young! (right…) So here goes nothing!

2014: Bake an awesome birthday cake.
2015: Finish The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir.
2016: Be free.
2017: America!
2018: Chocolate.
2019: Work somewhere in Spain/France.
2020: Make bread.
2021: To the edge of the world.
2022: Buy an espresso machine.
2023: The Great family meal.
2024: Israel/Syria/Egypt, if there’re still there.
2025: Learn a new language.
2026: Live 10 days without any communication device.
2027: Cook eggs.
2028: Send 10 letters.
2029: Invent a new snack.
2030: Balloons!
2031: Run.
2032: Keep running.
2033: Venice, if it’s still there.
2034: Stay on a boat.
2035: Visit a coffee plantation.
2036: Wish upon a star.
2037: Write something and get it published.
2038: Read a novel overnight.
2039: Northern Lights, if there’re still there.
2040: Look forward, if I’m still here.

Yeap so I guess that’s a pretty long list. No particular reasons for anything, just whatever that comes to mind. It will be nice to look at this list again, a few years, decades down the road. (Hello the 40-year-old-me, this is you when you’re 23. Can you imagine you’re actually typing this with your fingers when they have yet to invent a consciousness translator?)

  1. is this – things to achieve in each year, or have you so coincidentally managed a list that now extends to number 2040? it’s a good list, and I like how it isn’t pegged to the usual consideration of money-earned-by-then and etc. I hope you manage all of these.

    I most especially like the year set out just for chocolate.

    • WH said:

      Things to achieve in each year, apologies for the lack of clarity! I made it a point to write even the simplest things. Hopefully, if I’d lost my directions in the future, I would look back at this and think about who I had been, and who I wanted to be. Helps me to stay on my course!

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