Flowers, flowers.

Freshman year was over three weeks ago and I have taken so long to finally put my thoughts down in words. I’m glad that one-third of university life is over. Time flies, as usual, and to put things into perspective, what is left is one semester in Singapore, another in Hong Kong, and I will be on my final year already. It doesn’t seem a long time, nor is it a flash in the arrow of time. I will be mid-twenties when the time comes for graduation! Nevertheless, it’s important to celebrate the small little steps that I’ve taken towards the long-term goal.

For this summer, I’ve decided to spend my time in the kitchen – no surprise. It’s a restaurant housed in a giant greenhouse, flowers aplenty. Two weeks have past since I’ve joined them as a stagière. Five days a week, long hours each day, that’s kitchen life for you. The first week I went home each day with crumbly legs, only to wake up the next day aching all over. But after some conditioning, this bag of old bones is more or less adjusted to the kitchen heat. The people in the team are nice, way too nice. It’s not a bad thing. Not at all.

Nevertheless, I’ve come to realise how cynical I could be. It isn’t that I don’t believe in goodness; it’s the avoidance of disappointment. That said, it’s a lousy way to live like that, and besides, chocolate is the answer to everything. Now I need some coffee, time to head out!


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