Where Plump Pigeons Fly: 002

I’m going to name this series of posts made in Paris, and about Paris, “Where plump pigeons fly”. I’ve not seen many different populations of pigeons, but the ones in Paris are certainly plumper than those in Singapore. I day I’ll take a picture of a flying pigeon.

After spending an entire day at home to recover from the long night of New Year’s Eve, I decided to venture out to Champs-Elysee, and it was worthwhile. I found a place great for lunch, it’s Monte Carlo, just 100 metres from the Arc de Triomphe along Ave. de Wagram. Arc de Triomphe was magnificent but the food was more comforting. The cold weather makes any warm food delicious, and it didn’t take me long to finish half a chicken and a plateful of rice, which I have missed it since my departure.

With a warm stomach, I walked down Champs-Elysee just like any other tourists, queuing for Ladurée macarons (yummy comfort food) and taking pictures. But I had a mission – to get a mobile phone, and I accomplished it to my great satisfaction. I think it’s these small little things that make me feel more comfortable in a foreign land. For another instance, I realised the lady in my neighbourhood’s tabac store speaks Chinese. With my proper business settled for the day, I headed toward and past Le Grand Palais and Le Petit Palais, ending up at the Hotel des Invalides. I spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the artifacts of human’s military prowess – the arms and armors of the medieval past, and the world wars. To end of the day’s exploration, I visited Napoleon’s Tomb and the Church of St François Xavier. Architectural beauty has moved up quite a few notches in my account.

Dinner was exciting, as I tried to cook risotto for the first time. It took some time, it turned out a little salty, but the texture and the richness were promising. That means more tries to come, with a greater variety of ingredients. I’ll get wine, mushrooms and perhaps broccoli to go with.

School’s starting tomorrow, I’m pretty hyped up for that!


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