Where Plump Pigeons Fly: 001

So here I am, in Paris, living indepedently for the first time of my life. Many would flock to this city to enjoy this “moving feast” and so did I. Just turning 21, I flew halfway across the globe, first time out of Asia, and landed myself in the city of light. In these three months of my stay, I have taken up a culinary course in pâtisserie. Whether or not I would pursue a career in the food industry, I’ll have to find the answer in this short period of time. Life decisions are always hard to make.

My first day in Paris had been quite eventful. After settling down in my accommodation, instead of taking a nap for the long night ahead, I decided to venture into the city proper. I’m living in one of the suburbs, so it wasn’t until I arrived at St-Germain-Prés that the thought sunk in – I am in Paris.

It’s the architecture, the details, the people and the food. I haven’t seen much yet, but the feeling that everything is different has overwhelmed me for a moment there. The milk tastes richer, the tomatoes tastes greater, the baguette – pure awesomeness. And one thing for sure, people here eat well, and take the time to savour their meals.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting a friend from a language exchange website. She invited me to dinner, and that was my first proper meal in Europe. We had steak, and I had a wonderful créme brûlée to finish the course. She brought only her boyfriend, and another friend, and they both speak Chinese. Strange enough, it felt comfortable to meet someone who can speak something you understand (I can’t converse in French, yet). Well, I’m learning, and I’ve had some accomplishments, such as buying a monthly transport pass. I’m able to pick up some words here and there, but it’s still a far cry from conversing.

Nonetheless, we went of to a NYE party, and rendezvous-ed with a few more friends from Taiwan. They’re exchange students. And honestly, that was my first clubbing experience, probably my last too. I enjoyed it, it was on a yacht parked near the Eiffel Tower, but mindlessly moving hands and legs along to the loud music just isn’t the kind of thing I would enjoy. Nevertheless, it was good exposure, and I think it took me some confidence to let loose for a while.

So that concluded my first day (and night) in Paris, although technically it ended with an awfully arduous journey (in which I struggled to stay awake) back to my place. That’s the bad (perhaps good in some way) thing about travelling alone. You’ve got to fend for yourself. But it’s always nice to have met friends along the way, and I’m glad I did. Still, a long journey ahead, I had better get some rest after the long night.

Voilà voilà !


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