#004 Cranberries.


I am 21 years old and I have just learned that redcurrants and cranberries are two different kinds of things all together. It’s the Christmas season again, and last weekend was marked with a joyous gathering of my extended family. It was held at my elder cousin’s place – she has a kid and so the house was full of angry birds, literally. We celebrated the season early due to everyone’s busy schedules – holidaying and what not. So, just like any other year, we had a Christmas log cake.

And guess what, they had these small red berries than I would always pilfer for my own delight. “How nice cranberries are”, I thought. Juicy, sour, and the seed doesn’t bother me as much as that of other tropical fruits. But when I saw the short film below featuring a cranberry bog, I felt cheated. They weren’t cranberries. They were redcurrants. The horror.

Technically, I was deceived by yours truly, myself. I had never knew that cranberries and redcurrant were so different. I guess I could console myself that I had never seen a fresh cranberry before, but the assumption I made was unforgivable. I’ve had cranberry juice, dried cranberries, cranberry sauces, but never a fresh cranberry. I would really like to visit a cranberry bog someday.

How little do we learn, sitting in front of computers all day long.


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