#001 On the Importance of Babbling.

We’ve all been through this stage. In fact, babbling, or “baby talk”, plays a crucial role in our language acquisition process. I’ve read Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinct. It’s interesting how these experimental psychologists/cognitive scientists conduct their studies. But I’m not talking about language today. I’m here to babble.

Over the past few years, I’ve grown adverse to sharing my personal opinions in a public space, like here. First, I prefer to be secretive – for obscure reasons I can’t explain. And an opinion, or the way one presents one’s perspectives, reveals much about one’s character. But more importantly, I’m starting to realise the transient nature of perspectives, and perhaps everything else.

No, I’m not despairing. Life may be transient; each lifetime only a negligible frame in the entirety of time. Nonetheless, every single lifetime is still important; every minute precious. Time is merciless, but every second we continue to grow, and mature, and understand a new part of ourselves or the world.

I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching; I think everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs and values. And we are all entitled to changing our beliefs and values, because, like I’ve mentioned, we change over time. So that’s why I am babbling here. To be writing about something that make sense to me at this point in time, that might or might not make sense to others. That’s babbling, or so I think.

Babbling helps us to grow, and start making sense. We will never stop babbling, and growing. So babble, I will.


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