Living abroad

There are just so many things on our Facebook feed nowadays. People come across interesting and inspiring content and share them with their friends. A good thing of course, but not when everyone’s sharing everything, because time is never enough. One must be discerning, and pick out the treasure from this ocean of content, and I’m glad I picked up this article for a quick read.

What Happens When You Live Abroad « Thought Catalog

I have lived in Singapore for the past two decades, and I’m proud to call it my home. It’s a nice place, safe, secure, lots of opportunities. More importantly, it is where I can find the people who matter. Until recently, I was bent on heading over to U.S.A for my college degree, followed by a Ph.D as required by my scholarship provider. That’s eight years of education in a foreign land, away from home. It is an enticing dream – to find my identity, to be somebody, to live the dream. And when I’m back with all the certificates I need for a stable and comfortable life, I’ll be one of those privileged few, “educated in a foreign prestigious university”. With this dream in mind, I didn’t want to attach myself to anything or anybody back at home, because I know I have to leave them someday. In a state of limbo, a pause in life until my life elsewhere begins, I could say.

But no. Living shouldn’t be like that. You can’t just put away some years of your life just to wait for another year. It’s about the moment, the present. No one knows for sure what is going to happen. Carpe Diem. Always cliche. We always talk about it. We always tell people to do so. But how many of us have done so?

And in this spirit, I have put much thought into what I really want at the end of my life, which could be tomorrow, next week, or fifty years down the road. In no time I found my answer, and I will pursue a career as a pâtissier. It has, and will continue to, come across as a huge surprise even for the closest friends I have, but it is so foreign, so daring a dream that I’ve not expressed it to anyone, myself included. I’ve not yet enrolled in a pastry school, but I’m already looking at one in Paris. It’s a diploma course for seven months. That’s not too long, though I’m pretty sure I’ll still go through some of that ‘living abroad experience’. At least I wouldn’t need to worry about being at two places at once.


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