In our lives, certain experiences change our perspectives. Be it someone we’ve met, something we did, some movie we’ve watched, or just some dream we’ve dreamt – they will influence our opinions, our thoughts, and our aspirations.

Blogging is not new to me. In fact, I have had so many blogs that I have abandoned. This habit of publishing a new blog reflects my fickleness of mind, but as I’ve said, perspectives always change. Something did happen to me on this very day, and perhaps but hopefully not out of impulse did I sign up for a wordpress account and even bought a domain for myself. I seem to find refuge in writing whenever I encounter some difficulties in life, not out of despair but simply as an avenue of expression.

In retrospect, I used to be such a science nerd that I would have condemned such a thought superfluous. Well, now I’m ready to tell my story in a different way. What story?

The things I’ve seen, the tales I’ve heard, the people I’ve met, and the experiences I’ve been through.

We all have stories to tell.


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